Sunday, December 25, 2011

Let's Eve send the Special Gift To You!

Eve is the tallest of the elf
Eve has the 7 special gift were sent to 7 continents
that who recieves these gifts is the luckily good children


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sailor Girl

I really love the sea
the wind in the beach blows up freshy
the sound of wave Sah ,Sah
the color of this sea is very beautiful
I feel good so bad.


actually,I think I drew this with fun ,not seriously
but when time pass ,I still drew it,drew it
and finally! lol
this is first time with monotone
and I love the sailor and blue!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Working online,rich without the exert

Hello there!
this is my first artwork of this November
before flood affected in Bangkok,I had to evacuate in my hometown for a while..
and my school is delay open cause my school got flood affect ,too

I living in my hometown about 3 weeks and I brought my wacom bamboo fun pen&touch 4*6 and another my art tools to practice ,but unfortunately my Bamboo could not available with my laptop..and I found every method to fix it..and it just available!
that's why I had my first artwork of this month xD
this is my short process.

my artwork said about working online is very popular for the social worker,I think it's good way to get more money easily ,but about Thai people they always annoy another people on facebook as photo tag and comment.
I think the good way for working online is advertising ,open shop and more ways except annoying another person.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Flood Helper

Let's flood helper help you!
I drew this work to make T-shirt for donate to flood victim in my country
this project call "เสื้อยืดน้ำ(ใจ)ท่วม" (Fightfloodshirt)
There are many artworks for this project about 69 artworks!
anyway,my country met flood problem since September (I guess..) 
especially Pranakorn Sri Ayutthaya province met this problem hardly
I can't help them except drew this artwork for T-shirt to donate to foundation..
and this is my T-shirt design

You can read more about this project (Thai Language ,but don't worry you can ask admin :D)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Now Open!

Hello everyone!
I'm Linghokkalom :D
this is my new English language blog
sorry for my English skill I'm weak.
but I'll try to upgrade my English's skill better!
This blog is about my artworks and my artworks's process
and something in my life
I feel glad if you comment
I'll try to get my skill better ,too!

Nice to meet you all :)